Stephen Collector
Owner at Stephen Collector Photography

“Cindy K is a talented Make-up Artist/Stylist who brings her considerable aesthetic to each project. You are actually getting a many faceted talent who will enhance any and all projects. Cindy brings multiple skills to any project. A visionary, she can wear multiple hats on all type of visual projects, from organization, casting, makeup, wardrobe, to props. In another words. You name it and she can do it!”


Thaddeus Napp
Communications Strategist at Vermilion Design + Interactive

Stylist and Makeup Artist is a profession that requires deep, immediate trust based on results and experience and this is exactly what Cindy brings to set. We’ve worked together on both television commercial shoots and commercial photography shoots and I remain in awe of Cindy’s talent and professional skills. There is no other person in Colorado with even half the professional experience that Cindy has and the value she brings to set is without equal.


Laurie Allen
Producer/Production Coordinator

I first worked with Cindy K Cruz about three years ago and was blown away by her artistry in Make-Up and Hair. She definitely has the chops and is one of those rare individuals who can work on women AND men, do dramatic AND natural and just “gets it.” What I love most is her ability to read the assignment and vibe and also bring her positive, amazing, low-maintenance energy to any set. She’s a treasure.

Kevin Donald
First Assistant Director at Kevin Donald Production Services

I recently had the good fortune to work with Cindy K Cruz on the Seventh Generation Skin Care commercial directed by Bob Carmichael for MadeSays Agency and shot at Colorado Studios. The spot featured International Eco-Spokeswoman Erin Schrode. Creative called for word graphics to be projected onto Erin’s skin. The technique necessitated focused attention to styling detail and continuity of skin tones and texture. The boards also called for extended facial close-up shots. As the A.D. I was pleased that Cindy was our make-up and hair stylist. As on previous jobs where she and I have worked together, she embodied the 3 Cs. Competent, Cool and Collected. Cindy is a strong asset to the Production community and I look forward to working with her in the future.


Madeleine Pollak
Executive Producer/Writer/Director, Pollak Productions, Emmy Award Winning Video Production

Cindy K Cruz is not just an excellent makeup artist, she has the sensitivity, intuition and skill to make the people she works on feel good about themselves and comfortable in their own skin. I have seen her transform people from self-doubting and nervous about being on camera, to exuberant and confident. Additionally, when a celebrity comes to the set overly confident, she knows exactly how to handle them.

Another thing that sets Cindy apart, and another reason you want to hire her, is that she has an in-depth understanding of all the jobs on set and supports each crew member in their role. I highly respect her opinion on many aspects of production and frequently bounce ideas off of her. I’m guaranteed to get a smart, thoughtful response in return.

Cindy is a wonderful team player, is grounded and has a great sense of humor, which makes being on the set with her so much fun.
I look forward to working with Cindy K again and again.


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